Every couple is unique, every place is unique and every day is exceptional. It is important for me and my team to find our own way to create a video, while maintaining the history of people. That is why our video looks real and conveys the atmosphere characteristic of this particular celebration. In our portfolio you can find works of different styles. They are artistic, elegant, soulful and epic, classic and dynamic, with and without interview videos. Looking through which after years, they will not lose their relevance and will look modern. The main thing is to correctly convey the atmosphere and create a beautiful wedding story.

"On this page you can watch videos of different styles and mark the style you like."

Examples of videos filmed around the world

Monaco Wedding | R&D

Nice, France | Cote D`Azur | Ницца, Франция

K+M | Costa Blanca | Spain

France, Paris - Prewedding | Love Story

Lake Como | Italy | Wedding day

A&M - Teaser | Tuscany, Italy

A&D - Wedding| Como, Italy

A&J | Alacati, Turkey

Koh Samui | Thailand | Franch Wedding

France | Chateau De Dio | 至爱

A&Y - Wedding SDE | Como, Italy

A&A - Wedding | Лазурное побережье, Италия

Examples of new videos and videos for Instagram

Disco Party / Предсвадебная вечеринка в Монако

A & N | Wedding Fashion  Chanel

Wedding - Secret Garden | Москва

D&A - Wedding Fashion | Жан Реми, Трувиль

I & D | Шале Берёзка | Рублёвка

R & D | Pre Wedding Fashion

A&M - Wedding | Agalarov Estate

Inspiration | The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

R & L | Love Story

Examples of feature videos to CINEMATIC cinematic music used in cinema

A&A - Wedding | Agalarov Estate

Y&E - Wedding | Fine Art

M&E - Wedding | ArtiLand

Examples of art videos with dynamic music 

A&P - Wedding | Loft

A&L - Wedding | Подмосковные вечера

M&M - Wedding | SDE

Examples of feature videos with dialogues 

P&A - Wedding | Усадьба Середниково

K&L - Wedding | О’ШАЛЕЙ

I&M - Wedding | Сенешаль

A&L - Wedding | Сенешаль

F&E - Wedding | Intercontinental Moscow

M&M - Wedding | The River Café

Examples of art videos with beautiful music

M&K - Wedding | Немчиновка-Парк

O&I - Wedding | Подмосковные вечера

R&K - Wedding | Mary Jane

Examples of SDE clips edited on the wedding day and shown to guests at the end of the evening

A&M - Wedding | Agalarov Estate

E&A - Wedding | Renaissance Moscow

J&D - Wedding | Парк-Отель Отрада

A&L - Wedding | Подмосковные вечера

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