"Vitaly Sidorenko is considered one of the best videographers and is a member of the # TOP15MOSCOW community of the best professionals in the wedding and event industry in Moscow."


Vitaly works with a team of professionals in Russia and the CIS, as well as abroad: in Italy, France, England, Montenegro, Greece and other countries.


They are able to organize video filming of any complexity and for any holiday. Whether it's a small wedding or a large-scale project, a celebrity couple's celebration or a shooting abroad.


The technical equipment for filming, which is available, allows you to obtain high-quality material comparable to the level of music and commercials. They also pay great attention to high-quality aerial photography.


Vitaly successfully collaborates with many popular event agencies and stubbornly pursues his goal - to be recognized not only among compatriots, but also on a global scale.




● Member of the # TOP15MOSCOW community of the best professionals in the wedding and event industry in Moscow.


● Winner of the IZWA 2017 Award - International Zankyou Wedding Awards. The award is unique in that it is awarded to the best wedding professionals from world-class wedding industry experts. The jury consisted of more than 95,000 wedding professionals from various countries and over 1,000,000 registered brides.


● Winner and prize-winner of various wedding competitions organized by the European Event Videographers Association EEVA, Annual Wedding Video Contest 2010 in the category "Best wedding video".


● Was invited as a member of the jury and an expert to the same competition.


● Successfully conducts author's master classes in videography.


● Ranked among the best videographers in the CIS according to the largest wedding portals.


● His works are published in the reports of well-known event-agencies in online wedding publications.


His requirements force him to achieve a high level and be among the best.


In addition to all his personal achievements, Vitaly is very passionate about his work and video has become an integral part of his life for him.


If you are looking for the best quality and want to be confident in the beauty of your video, then you are on the right track.


Vitaly accepts a limited number of orders per year, so make your request by date in advance to be sure it is available.